Maintenance Labor Rates

    Piston Labor: $95 per Hour

    Turbine Labor: $105 per Hour

  Inspection Flat Rates

Piston Aircraft - Annual Inspections or 100 Hour inspections

    Cessna 172                                     $1,040

    Cessna 182                                     $1,170

    Beechcraft Bonanza                       $1,560

    Mooney                                           $1,625

    Piper Navajo (PA31-350)                 $4,550

Turbine Aircraft - Estimates available upon request - Call us today to discuss your maintenance needs.

We would like for you to give us the opportunity to earn your business with us as your trusted maintenance provider.



We can meet your maintenance needs for scheduled and unscheduled maintenance providing routine maintenance, preventative maintenance and repairs. We also perform 100 hour, Annual inspections, as well as other maitenance program inspections that your inspection program schedule may require.



We can also provide service for unscheduled maintenance whenever the need arises. We are able to serve you for your urgent maintenance needs and have capability to mobilize and come to you if your situation requires. Call us and we'll assist in getting your aircraft back in service.

Call us today to schedule your next maintenance event with us.